Nugget #2: My Bionic Selfie

Permit me share a cautionary tale that has me thinking about whether microchip implantation is a new technology tool that can create a man-machine symbiosis to help me regain mobility by actively contributing to help heal myself with mobile access to health care information, medical records, or vital biofeedback.  My association was from an article I read post-surgery: Health Care Report: Unleashing Innovation: How Patients Really Can Help Heal Themselves WSJ 6/9/14.  Post-surgery patients are reported to have assumed more of the risks and responsibilities for recovery WSJ Article 10/25/10.


In six decades, I have never broken a bone, required surgery, or been prescribed pain medication.  Last month, one simple mis-step in my neighborhood resulted in the implantation of orthopedic hardware that my surgeons have rated 9+ on a scale of 10= 2 plates, 3 wires, 14 screws, and a musculoskeletal tissue donation.  I have a tiny wrist to accommodate what Licklider author of Man-Computer Symbiosis might refer to a “Mechanical Extensions”.

I think the tissue donation comes close to Licklider’s description of symbiosis: “the cooperative living together in intimate association, or even close union of two dissimilar organisms.”  I was provided instructions for writing a personal note from the recipient (me) who received the gift of donated tissue.  Without the MTF tissue graft, I would have an open empty space in my wrist where the growth area was compressed.  I plan to write the donor a personal note as well as reconsider being an organ donor myself.

Here is the PT that takes me 45 minutes 5 times a day.  In addition, I have other activities that I must interrupt what I am doing online every hour and complete: peg board, grab a handful of dry beans, very light household activity (ie fold wash cloths).  The wrist palm rotation is the most important and the most difficult at this time.  In this critical post-surgery period, I spend about 6 hours a day trying to increase my wrist mobility with painfully tiny steps.  I was surprised that just 2 weeks after surgery, I was able to type with two hands and my participation in #vectorspaces has really taken my mind off my troubles.  I thought about taking dictation and creating podcasts or scripts for my Nuggets so I can relate to Licklider’s detailed description of automated speech recognition.  I have new respect for ADA Compliance Guidelines for online learning.


Image  This is not my own x-ray but gives a general idea.  I have 2x the hardware in a 4 inch space.  I imagined tiny pieces of metal floating about but now think about my tiny wrist embedded with Frankenstein metal fence posts after mustering the courage to view my own post-surgery x-ray in my Electronic Patient Record.  Homebound and having much time to think, I associated microchips with my hardware and wondered about their usefulness to increase my wrist mobility.  Interestingly, #vectorspaces tweets included an article highly relevant to my Nugget #2 Topic:

We Will End Disability by Becoming Cyborgs: Neural interfaces and prosthetics will do away with biology’s failings

By Eliza Strickland  Posted 27 May 2014 | 15:03 GMT

The article raised the question of elective physical and cognitive enhancements.

Truth is stranger than fiction as I googled microchips and discovered Biohackers who desire cyborg implants:

Image (screenshot) (Youtube link)

I am still thinking about what I would like my Motherboard to do, but also concerned about compatibility with my osteopathic hardware.  For starters, I would like a reminder when to take a break from my online coursework to accomplish my mobility PT.  I am deeply appreciative of being able to enroll as open participant in #vectorspace.  Though my posts have not been timely, the associations are of great interest and taken my mind off my PT Recovery issues.  I have lots of time to think during 6+ hours daily PT and am formulating a wide range of questions for my Concept Experience #2.

Thanks for the memories of a highly engaging cMooc.




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