Connections #1

After reviewing Blogger: Blues Cruise in Section 005, I reflected about the relatively new disciplines of Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology.  Neither of these disciplines existed in the year I graduated with a double major in Math and Psych.  I was hired by a large financial institution and learned mainframe computer programming onsite in the workplace.  I have been in and out of the workforce telecommuting while raising children and caring for elderly relatives, but my computer programming skills have always been marketable.  Never did I imagine personalized computing on hand-held devices anywhere, anytime as I was working on mainframe computers that filled entire rooms and coded punch cards to process program instructions.

I appreciate the significance the student blogger gives to applied mathematics: “Bush further goes on to make the point of saying that a mathematician is *especially* a person with the ability to know what he has to do next in order to get to the answer he is searching for. In one way, this could be interpreted as knowing when it’s appropriate to use a certain method or equation on a problem.”  I learned that Nash applied mathematics to cryptography and game theory and think both concepts are highly relevant to Digital Ethnography issues raised in the first HOA Youtube video: privacy, governance, and commerce.

I am looking forward to blogging about these issues to move the conversation forward.  BTW I have followed John Nash’s game theory work for decades and was interested to see his communication about cryptography with NSA only recently declassified in 2012.




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