Connected Learning: CATS One-Sentence Summary

A one-sentence summary takes your in-depth personal profile and boils it down into a simple statement that can be quickly conveyed and understood to generate interest in your own participation in any online learning community.

I recommend using WDWWWWHW as a quick and easy way to introduce individuals as colleagues/students or mentor/mentee while personalizing a learning community.  This summary format is web-responsive when adapted as a 140 character tweet including relevant hashtags to continue the conversation.  One simple summary statement submitted by course participants demonstrates technical writing ability, level of interest, and digital literacy skills.

This One-Sentence Summary Overview shows CAT Classroom Assessment Techniques  shared by online instructor Terry Morris, Phd

  • Teacher’s Purpose:
    • Enables teachers to determine how concisely, completely, and creatively learners can summarize a large amount of information on a topic
  • Learner’s Purpose:
    • Provides learners practice in chunking information – condensing it into smaller, interrelated bits that are more easily processed and recalled.
  • Timing:
    • End of presentation/lecture
    • Close of a discussion
    • End of a reading assignment
  • Hint:
    • Per Angelo & Cross:
      Challenge students to answer “Who does what to whom, when, where, how, and why?” (represented by the letters WDWWWWHW) about a given topic, and then to synthesize those answers into a simple, informative, grammatical, and long summary sentence.
    • Complete the one sentence summary yourself before assigning it to students
  • Feedback:
    • Provide e-mail feedback to individual students
    • Post most complete one-sentence summaries on a discussion board.

Take the “One Sentence Summary” one digital literacy step further if you are able to express your final thoughts in 140 characters as a professional Twitter post.


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